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Sustainable Transport

Public transport, cycling or other sustainable methods to access the campus are recommended.


Staff, students, casual, visitors, contractor, motorcycle and public parking



Traffic guidelines for gates, bollards, cranes and skip bins

Parking Infringement Notices (PINs)

Infringement appeals and payments

Car Park Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of the University car parks

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Conditions, Fees and Forms

Bicycle, myki and parking forms, and terms and conditions

Opening hours

Hours: 8.00am-4.00pm Mon-Fri (closed University holidays)

Location and Contacts

213 Grattan Street, Parkville

Parking: 9035 3262
Traffic: 8344 7877

A reminder: the speed limit on campus is 15 km/h.

Transport and Parking Rules - Regulation 8.3.R3

 15 speed limit